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OVERVIEW: Väylä stands here for "sea/water road" that is highly used in Finland, mainly for wood transportation. Väylä is a project that the Regional Concile of Savonia, east Finland, was undergoing with EU Structural Funds for enlarging the canals'use.

PROBLEM: Väylä project needed to be visually present on all official papers along the 7 next years. The logo had to work with 2 other logos: Sauva and EU Structural Funds logos. Väylä logo had also to include a version with the words "välityömarkkinoilta avoimille työmarkkinnoille" and  "-projekti".


SOLUTION: There was no need for a new brand identity, that is why I created a figurative logo with flooding water coming from the Y shape. The second version with the long text wasn't easy to get but the client was really satisfied with the result.


OVERVIEW: Stentrade provides essential supplies such as chairs, tables and lighting specifically to restaurants and bars.

PROBLEM: The company had no logo.
More than 80% of the furniture comes from high design quality products. The logo needed to be created according to this criteria.

SOLUTION: I immediately started my sketches with design furniture. The difficulty was that the logo shouldn't be limited to one specific brand as Stentrade offers a large range of different products. I kept the chair shape as the most characteristic item the company is renting. I stylized and refined my shape until I obtained a satisfying shape.  After several attempts, Stentrade logo came naturally under my pencil. The logo was almost done. However, I still have to work on the typography. I presented 3 solutions to the client who chose a font that expresses solidity and stability.   


OVERVIEW: Scriblerie is a French small company that offers services on copywriting, help on publishing, help on communication with international bodies, etc.

PROBLEM: Scriblerie was a fresh and new company in 2017 that needed an impactful logo.


SOLUTION: I presented several sketches to my client. After the choice of a clear line with the typography, a crisp and precise Sans, I developed the logo trying to keep a modern approach toward the notion of correction of text. I chose a traditional Serif  typography for the explicative text for a direct association with literature. I played alternatively with the mouse and the pencil.

On my last video-call with the client for the approval, we opted for the icon of the pencil that gives a more personal approach than the cold mouse. I added the "check" mark. This was the decisive touch: the logo was adopted!  


OVERVIEW: Mathilde is a French freelance cook who started her own company in 2019.

PROBLEM: Networking became a necessity for the young company and a visit card too. But what is a visit card without a logo? Human being recalls better a brand if it is visual.

SOLUTION: I started immediately with the idea of a freehand drawing. I wanted to show a personality behind the brand. The logo should show spontaneity and creativity and I drove my effort toward those goals. I also played with the position of the cutlery. But being a chef requires a high level of rigor! With this logo, I should intent to provoke the ideas of competence and thoroughness. As a matter of fact, at the table, the cutlery position has a meaning; "better to place them straight" said the chef. So be it!


The range of color is warm as the genuine CEO puts all her heart in her kitchen. 


OVERVIEW: In 2018, the artist Canal Cheong Jägerroos opened a new studio in Shanghai that she plane to rent for exhibitions. The name of the studio is Canal Shanghai Space.

PROBLEM: The logo should have the name in 2 languages.

SOLUTION: After a series of sketches, the artist chose her favorite design. I worked on the shape of the "S" and I created an aerial but well-balanced logo for the new studio. The artist was very satisfied with the choice of colors, red and black, and required a second version without the "S" shape for specific uses.  

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