OVERVIEW: Arkki and Archinfo organized a 2-Day seminar in two different locations with workshops on the first day and conference on the second one.

PROBLEM: Design and coding of the website with Wordpress. The bio and abstract have to be easily accessible. without external pdf-documents. 


SOLUTION: I designed and updated the conference website for the whole year.  I found a timeline system and adapted it to the workshop program in order to improve the visual impact. The clients were more than satisfied with the result.

Landing page

Workshops program

The timeline is a Wordpress plugin that I adapted to clients'needs. Users can close or open the timeline. When closed, this feature ensures a clear overview of the workshop program, full of information. The timeline animation, withal, catches the visitor interest and foster content reading.


Social Media campaign

Instagram Stories, 1st week


Instagram Stories, 2nd week


Instagram Stories, 1st week


Instagram Stories, 3rd week