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CLIENT: Hartwall

EVENT: Business to Consumer and Business to Business


SOLUTION: I branded several events for Hartwall

  • implementation of the guidelines for each event 

  • branding and production of the visuals

  • report to client/After event

SPARKLES OF THE EVENTS: see below the different projects I took care of during 2011-2018 in galleries.
Legends feature isn't available on the mobile version.

MountainDew B2C event
Mountain Dew, 16 M tower
Jaffa, green mandarin promotional tour around Finland
Jaffa, B2c, Promotional tour
Novelle Fruity, B2C, product launch
Novelle Fruity Launch
Novelle Fruity Launch
Jaffa Snow Castle, BtoB event
Jaffa, B2B, Fair Stand
Novelle, B2B, Taste of Helsinki
Novelle, B2B, Taste of Helsinki and Gala
Launch of Pepsi Next in Finland
Pepsi Next Launch in Finland
Pepsi Next, B2c, promotion tour in Finland
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