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OVERVIEW: The National Archives of Finland is primarily the official archive for the Finnish government, a cultural, academic and heritage institution. It is a broad infrastructure for scientific research. 

PROBLEM: The institution needed to refresh its visual communication keeping up its values: preservation of the national cultural heritage and promoting the research. Harmonizing two opposites directions in my layouts was a true challenge. All the materials had to be in three languages on the same print design. It was a nationwide competition between 10 selected advertising agencies: our team needed to present a convincing tender. 


SOLUTION: I created two really different layouts for the tender: one extremely modern and a second one quite classical. Both followed the National Archives' guidelines. We got the lead with the classic layout. I chose a classical typography and added some abstract vectorial composition, adding this way a touch of modernization. I defined the exact place of each language on my layout and followed this order along with the publication, especially for the annual report. I also designed the visit cards with 3 languages and a brochure for each regional entity. 

kansallisarkisto vuosikertomus 2007 annual report 1
kansallisarkisto vuosikertomus 2007 annual report 2
kansallisarkisto vuosikertomus 2007 annual report 3
kansallisarkisto vuosikertomus 2007 annual report 4
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