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I AM a creative


Mari de Baudus

"The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Just like a doctor fights against disease. For us, the visual disease is what we have around, and what we try to do is cure it somehow with design.” 

Massimo Vignelli

Why hire me?

My Story


I have been working for about ten years in events area creating and executing B2B andB2C projects always striving for high customer satisfaction. I have a high work ethic and appreciate transparency from my teammates and employers. Transparency is much more than security mechanisms; it embodies human skills such as sincerity and open communication. 

Curiosity, challenges and self-learning are the keys in my profession. Life is short: I want to use it well. For instance, in 2019, I applied to Mastered for an online Fashion Art Director training. In 10 months, I have activated relevant skills such as coding, video-editing, organization and management skills, leadership, problem-solving.

The decision paid off! In 2019, I started working for Arkki, a Finnish leading institution on creative education. I found out how my work benefits from a meaningful, empathic and flat organization focused on children's future. It was a pleasure to put into practice what I have learned. 

In 2020, I started working for PlasticFri, a startup enabling a bright future, without plastic thanks o a new generation of disposable products. I am currently working on their branding. A the same time I challenging my self with new studies in animation with the School of Motion. Always learning, always open!


A recap of my story: I'm intuitive when I create, efficient  and goal-oriented when I execute tasks. I am a problem solver in my field.  If you wish a hard worker in your team, recruit me:  with me, you will get an inspiring and bright working flow at the office!



I'm a creative Graphic Designer. I translate a concept or an emotion into all possible visual languages. I create dynamic visuals that refresh your imago and boost your sales. I know how to implement your guidelines replenishing the personality of your brand. When I'm working I constantly evaluate creative solutions in terms of suitability to the original brief. 

 Have a look! 



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I am A Problem Solver
In my field


 I highly recommend Mari for AD and graphic designer positions. In her time at Arkki, she has shown the technical and interpersonal skills that make for a truly exceptional AD and team member. In particular, she is not afraid to overtake any challenge, and learn new technologies or skills if needed. Mari offers professional vision, a multitude of technical skills, plus adaptability and grace under pressure. We will miss having Mari on our team, but our loss can be your gain.

Pihla Meskanen, CEO, Arkki

November 27, 2019

"Mari is talented, a team player and a hardworking professional and I can highly recommend her for any similar position in any other organization."

Elena Piñero, Head of Marketing Communication, Arkki

January 30, 2020



Creative Graphic Designer

Södra Promenaden 61,
211 38 Malmö, Sweden

Tel: +358 40 166 3116 (Finnish number) 

Tel:  +46 72 047 7790 (Swedish number)

debaudusm (@)

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