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OVERVIEW: Canal Cheong Jagerroos is a Chinese contemporary visual artist, based in Shanghai and Helsinki. She developed a new concept for her upcoming tour exhibition around the world: "Floating Island"

PROBLEM: The artist needed a digital format for the presentation of the installation of "Floating Island". This digital booklet will be used as marketing material and will be sent to international galleries in Miami, Paris, Macau, etc...Canal Jaagerroos also needed a logo for her own studio in Shanghai. "Floating Island" stands for a metaphor of the artist herself and the curators of the gallery have to feel it as soon as they get the booklet in their emails.

SOLUTION: As the artist is used to create by herself invitations and exhibition books, I needed to see what kind of layouts were suitable. I spend time with the artist for capturing her thoughts. We went together to a bookshop trying to see different printed styles. Then I designed a layout that transmits Canal's personality keeping in mind that the brochure will be read online. 

I emphasized the use of red and white colors, I divided the long article into digestible bits and organized the information (main text, comments of the paintings, technical information). It affects positively the user’s reading speed and comprehension. I opted for a light line spacing for the paragraphs, which in turn keeps the reader engaged.

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